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Gas Water Heating

Continuous Flow Gas Water Heating (Gas Caliphonts)

This is the most popular choice for domestic/household gas water heating.

The external model is the most commonly used water heater, either mounted on the exterior wall of the building or where possible fitted into a recess box to make it flush with the wall.

An internal model is available where the waterheater needs to be centrally located in a house. This requires a flue to be vented to the exterior.

Whichever model you choose you will soon be reaping the rewards.


  • Continuous, endless flow of hot water
  • Water heated only when required
  • Saving energy and money
  • Compact size, doesn’t take up much-needed space in your home.

Stored Gas Water Heating – Demand Duo

Demand Duo gas water heaters are suitable when there is an intermittently large demand for hot water. For example, factories, motels, hair salons, laundrettes, or large homes with spa baths or multiple showers being used simultaneously. The Demand Duo is a very cost-effective solution.


  • The high input fast heating system ensures the storage tank refills and heats quickly
  • Heavy-duty insulation minimises heat loss, to keep energy costs under control.

Would you like...

- Limitless amounts of hot water on demand?
- Only heat water as you need it?
- Free up precious cupboard space in your home?
- Reduce your reliance on electricity?
- And have mains pressure water?

Choosing to install a gas water heater answers all these desires, and means you can rely on a continuous flow of hot water, whenever you need it. The continuous flow water heating system is very energy efficient, making electric hot water cylinders outdated.

Gas Water Heating is Always a Winner!

With a gas water heater, you can rely on a continuous flow of hot water, whenever you want it, and you don't pay to heat water when you are not using it. Rinnai have an impressive range of efficient continuous flow gas waterheaters, which makes electric hot water cylinders a thing of the past.

Gas water heating is hard to beat.

Left: Waterheater in recess-box | Right: Waterheater with pipecover

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