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Why Should I Use Gas?
Is Gas Safe?
Are Our Gas Supplies Running Out?
What’s The Difference Between LPG And Natural Gas?
Can I Run My Appliances On LPG Or Natural Gas?
Can I Be Connected To Gas?
Is There A Gas Line In My Street?
How Does The LPG System Work?

Question: Why Should I Use Gas?


Gas is safe, clean burning, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.
By using gas, we reduce the demand on the electricity supplies.
Gas is instant, economical, and more cost effective than electricity. The savings an average sized family can make in a year by using gas, are significant.
Gas is a powerful and responsive energy source. For example, the standard power output of a portable electric heating appliance in your home is limited to 2.2 kilowatts. Gas can deliver an output far in excess of this.

Question: Is Gas Safe?


YES! Gas is a natural and stable fuel, which you can rely on for all your home energy requirements.
PLEASE NOTE: It is essential (required by law) that all gas installation work is undertaken by a REGISTERED GASFITTER, who will supply a GAS CERTIFICATE on completion. This certificate confirms the appliances and pipes have been tested, are proven safe, and meet the required codes and standards.

Question: Are Our Gas Supplies Running Out?


NO. New Zealand already has numerous natural gas fields capable of supplying our future residential needs. Other discoveries are continuing to be developed to come online in the near future.
Also, large international petrochemical companies are continuing to invest in New Zealand, undertaking further exploration and development programmes.

Question: What’s The Difference Between LPG And Natural Gas?


Natural Gas is a natural resource found in subterranean pockets throughout the world. In NZ we have gas fields primarily in the Taranaki region. Gas is then piped from the fields to homes and businesses in major towns and cities in the North Island.
LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) is separated from Natural Gas at the source, as it is mined. It is then transported around the country to be sold for home and commercial use in pressurised gas tanks or bottles.

Question: Can I Run My Appliances On LPG Or Natural Gas?


Yes. Most gas appliances are available in Natural Gas or LPG.
However the appliances are physically different in the way they work, so you will need to have your appliances converted if you switch your gas supply from LPG to Natural Gas or vice versa.

Question: Can I Be Connected To Gas?


Yes. Bottled LPG is available practically anywhere in NZ, from a local provider.
Natural Gas is available only where there is a pipeline. Some of Whangarei has piped gas available, but no other towns in Northland do.

Question: Is There A Gas Line In My Street?


Please go to the ‘Contact Us’ page and enter your address details and we will investigate and reply.

Question: How Does The LPG System Work?


Usually LPG is delivered to your home via gas bottle and tanks. When one cylinder runs out, a regulator automatically switches over to the full cylinder next to it.
To ensure you never run out of LPG, the gas company regularly replaces the cylinders based on your average normal use.

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